A Lightweight CryptoNote as a Payment System for Mobile

To approach this some small tweaks and significant blockchain improvements done:


A tweak to use a 1 MB scratchpad allows AEON to run efficiently on lower end CPUs including some mobile processors as well as much better performance on mainstream desktops/laptops.

Increased block time for fast syncing

All CryptoNote coins have higher verification costs compared with BTC forks which leads to more orphans. Instead we use a 4 minute blocktime, which will reduce sync time by a factor of four, and reduce orphans to a minimum. Coupled with light PoW we improved sync time on lower end devices by at least 10x.

Blockchain pruning for scalability

This allows the blockchain to stay small forever and not outgrow small devices. This will also improve anonymity by reducing age-based attacks.

What is the Difference Between AEON and Monero?

AEON is the first altcoin from Monero

  • 1

    Different Proof-of-Work

    AEON's lightweight and mobile-friendly PoW which allows verifying the blockchain way faster.

  • 2

    Optional Transparency

    We will retain the ability to do lightweight non-anonymous payments without compromising privacy of other users (Monero addressed the privacy issues by completely banning these).

  • 3

    Best of Both Worlds

    The independent branding, development, and community will allow AEON to continue to thrive as a separate platform while sharing many of the technical underpinnings from Monero and CryptoNote.

Overall this gives AEON something closer to a Litecoin model in terms of sharing more code with the upstream project while maintaining an independent identity and leadership, along with some new and experimental features, which will continue to be sustainable going forward.
Thus everyone can have a high degree of confidence that AEON will continue to be maintained and remain usable.


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