Each transaction is secured with robust cryptography and distributed through a global peer-to-peer consensus network.


By default, AEON utilizes a cryptographic system to transfer funds without the identifying information of each user becoming visible on the blockchain.


AEON uses ring signatures to make transactions untraceable, meaning it is very difficult for blockchain analysis to determine if funds have been spent.

How is AEON different from Monero?

Mobile friendliness, the top priority of AEON, led to the following critical differences from Monero:

  • 1

    ASIC-friendly proof-of-work

    We believe ASIC resistance is ultimately futile while imposing various forms of undesirable cost. Our ASIC-friendly PoW (KangarooTwelve) allows for faster verification of the blockchain. This also helps stabilize the protocol as the need for PoW-change hard forks is eliminated.

  • 2

    No use of RingCT

    Monero's RingCT for encrypting transaction amounts comes with a theoretical risk of catastrophic collapse of the monetary system due to hidden inflation if the discrete log of the second generator is discovered. Favoring supply soundness over privacy, we choose not to use RingCT until cryptographers invent an efficient commitment scheme with unconditional soundness. We believe practical level of privacy can still be achieved without RingCT. Not using RingCT also contributes to faster syncing.

  • 3

    Increased block time

    AEON's block time is 4 minutes. This halves the number of blocks produced each day compared to Monero, further reducing the cost of running a node.

  • 4

    Smaller ring size

    AEON's ring size is fixed to 3 which is the bare minimum needed to prevent chain reactions (link). Monero's higher ring size means more degree of obfuscation for each transaction, but it also comes at the cost of increased blockchain size and longer verification time. We choose to stick with ring size 3 until a convincing evidence against it is found.

These differences combined result in much lower cost of running a node, smaller blockchain size, and shorter sync time compared to Monero even if the difference in adoption level is factored out. While still drawing from the technical advantages of Monero and CryptoNote, AEON has distinct development goals and an independent community that enable it to thrive as its own currency.

Download AEON

Latest release: Aletheia (

Raw blockchain

If you'd prefer to use a blockchain bootstrap, instead of syncing from scratch, you can use the most current bootstrap (up to height 1232000). It is typically much faster to sync from scratch, however, and it also takes a lot less RAM. If you wish to proceed anyway, download the file below and run the following command:
aeon-blockchain-import --input-file /path/to/your/file/blockchain.raw
blockchain.raw (3.65 GB)


SHA256(aeon-gui-linux-x64-v0.13.1.0.tar.bz2)= d24720daa03565af633c38f372d8fcb566294e9e0e2f4c770b55526a076ebc6a
SHA256(aeon-gui-mac-x64-v0.13.1.0.tar.bz2)= 9ceace6f821598d05d0743139389cb4ca411d512733cbb02b602e347ec3fa203
SHA256(aeon-gui-win-x64-v0.13.1.0.zip)= 1790fd71b09b5ca109f007d476f2d5e410bee3353077b2b23e4d8a2b19840109
SHA256(aeon-linux-x64-v0.13.1.0.tar.bz2)= d05f057bf2c24f3421c77f6e683c47488f8d7e3234d7084731a3c296d2d38061
SHA256(aeon-mac-x64-v0.13.1.0.tar.bz2)= 1990595ced942ad281dda0279d3715ec8da11d2775143ce82befc884cab13b31
SHA256(aeon-win-x64-v0.13.1.0.zip)= 40fd2159cab26f49b75698e279f45bdee419dc9880e16a4cfaf43766f058550a
SHA256(blockchain.raw)= 2fd09abb53009e1f1a58d4bbe021b9a3ac0695be9294577d37710e02362a7947

PGP signature (Signing key)

AEON Press Kit

Full Press Kit can be downloaded in one zip file here
Colors and Typeset can be found here